Outreach Programs


Boise Technology's community outreach, community involvement, mentoring, and education.

  • 2008 to Present ~ Joins the Material Science & Engineering College at Boise State University in the "Rake Up Boise" to help the elderly by raking up their leaves in the Fall.


  • 2009-2010 & 2010-2011 academic years, Boise Technology sponsored a Senior Design Team project with the Material Science & Engineering Department at Boise State University and served as mentors.  During the 2009-2010 school year, the sponsored team and the mentoring staff developed methods for spin coating thin polymer films of controllable thickness and characterized the quality of those films.  During the 2010-2011 school year the sponsored team and mentors examined the effects of weathering (e.g., moisture and UV exposure) and washing (surfactants and scrubbing) on CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings) via optical microscopy and AFM (Atomic Force Microscope).


  • 2010 Boise Technology gave a presentation on lasers (history, types, and applications) to the Riverstone International School, as part of their science surriculum.


  • 2011 Boise Technology partnered with Ms. Cornell, a teacher at Lewis & Clark Middle School in Meridian Idaho, to give a presentation to her class, to give them an introductory understanding of light, to better prepare them for the Optics portion of the Science Olympiad they were participating in. Topics covered included Reflection & Refraction, Mirrors & Lenses, the visible spectrum, the human eye and how it 'sees', Adsorption and Emission Spectra and others. A demonstration of hitting a picture on the wall by bouncing a laser off of a mirror around an obstacle, left everyone amused and delighted.


  • 2011 Boise Technology was invited to speak to the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Development) students regarding science and the laser studies that are performed at Boise Technology.






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