Boise Technology, Inc. is a small, innovative scientific research and development company with facilities located in Nampa, ID.  BTI has a dedicated laser laboratory housing two ultrafast laser spectrometers for conducting surface investigations and a materials laboratory for sample preparation and wet chemistry.

The laser facilities include a fully equipped laser and optics laboratory with an extensive inventory of optics, lasers, nonlinear crystals, and optomechanical mounts and stages for various applications. It also contains the very latest laser diagnostic equipment including infrared viewers, energy and power meters, a beam profiler, high speed oscilloscopes and fiber optic spectrometers. Signal detection capabilities for various studies includes lock-in amplifiers, PMTs, CCDs, and MCT detectors. Much of the instrumentation is automated with LabView control software, developed in-house.

Sample preparation and characterization can be carried out in a separate wet chemistry and materials research laboratory for preparing environmentally sensitive samples for spectroscopic analysis. The laboratory includes standard glassware, balances, fume hood, and UV/Vis and fluorescence spectrometers. For surface characterization applications, the laboratory houses a surface tension Wilhelmy balance, UV ozone generator for surface cleaning, contact angle goniometer, spincaster for preparing thin film samples, and an ultrapure water filtration system.

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